Schedule a Visit

Planning a Visit - Requirements

To schedule a GeoDome visit to your school or event, and for information about cost, please complete this webform, email [email protected], or call (218) 726-7129.

The facility that hosts the GeoDome must meet the following requirements:

  • The GeoDome can only be erected in gymnasiums or other rooms that have high ceilings so sprinkler heads, smoke detectors and light fixtures will not be compromised. There must be 14 feet or higher clearance above the floor. This is a requirement of the State Fire Marshall.
  • A space of 3 feet must be maintained around the entire GeoDome to allow for safe emergency egress. The GeoDome is not allowed in corridors or other exits paths. The GeoDome is 25 feet in diameter so minimum room dimensions are 31 x 31 feet.  This is a requirement of the State Fire Marshall.
  • The maximum capacity is 32 people, including our Program Director and any teachers.
  • Two grounded 120-volt standard electrical outlets on separate circuits to power the dome. We may need to run extension cords across the floor.
  • The GeoDome may only be set up indoors.
  • The GeoDome arrives in heavy, wheeled cases. A ramp, large elevator of level entry is required - no stairs.
  • Three people are required to help unload and load the equipment.

If the facility does not meet these requirements, we may not be able to set up. We will re-schedule for a future date if a suitable, alternate location can be found.

Improving Your Experience

Flooring:  The dome has no floor, so we recommend setting the dome up on floor mats.  We will set up the mats before setting up the dome.

Internet:  We can include Earth satellite data in the programming using your location's wireless or wired internet. This is using a live feed and it enhances our standard show, although it is not necessary.

Media/Press:  Please feel free to invite the local press to witness the GeoDome program. This can help us with fundraising and generating more GeoDome programs.

What We Need From You

  • Establish an arrival time that begins 1 hour prior to the first session/show
  • Directions to an unloading location
  • Name and number of contact person on the day of your visit
  • Instructions for internet access
  • A start and end time for each session
    • We need a 5-minute break between each session for audience turnover
    • For events of up to 4 hours we will need an additional 15-minute break (30 minutes for events over 4 hours)
  • We need to know grade level(s), teacher name(s). Remember we can hit science standards for almost any grade level
  • Two or three people to help unload equipment upon arrival and assist in take down after the last show. They must be able to lift heavy equipment. Total setup time is one hour and take down time is also one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dome arrival:  We will arrive one hour in advance of the first session/show of the day.

Accessibility:  The GeoDome is wheelchair accessible

Programming Schedule:  Our programming is flexible depending on your school's schedule and participant grade levels

Programming suggestions:  You determine the length of the sessions, depending upon what best fits your schedule and students. You may schedule programs of different lengths and different topics on the same day. Suggested length for shows depends upon grade levels:

Grade Pre-K-1:  Less than 25 minutes
Grade 2:  30 minutes
Grade 3-12:  30-45 minutes

Visitor Guidelines

The GeoDome is a unique environment, and visitors should be aware of a few things prior to entering the dome. We will go over these guidelines with students before entering the dome.

Visitors should not touch any equipment

No food, drink or gum is allowed
Spills and litter can go unnoticed in the darkened dome, which may damage our equipment or other visitor's belongings

Visitors are asked to raise hands if they have questions and talk only when the presenter asks for input
Voices are amplifies inside the dome and even quiet chatter makes for a noisy environment

Some visitors may feel dizzy at times due to the motions of the images
If that happens, they should close their eyes for a few seconds and it will pass

Cell phones and other electronic devices must be silenced and put away
Screens give off a lot of light which can disrupt the program and experience for others