Getting Started

Getting Started

The RIL is available for use by any UMD faculty, student or staff. Companies outside of the university are also welcome to use the resources available in the RIL.

Arrangements for specific instrument user training, sample preparation, data acquisition or development of analytical protocols can be made with the lab manager. Please contact the RIL manager ([email protected], 218-726-7362) for more information. The lab is located on the UMD campus in Marshall W. Alworth Hall Room 55.

Training Needed

Lab safety training – Users that wish to have full access to the instruments should have completed the appropriate UMD laboratory safety (and x-ray safety if necessary) training courses. See the Department of Environmental Health and Safety website for more information.


In order to provide for the maintenance of the instruments, usage rates have been developed to recover various costs associated with the day-to-day operation of the laboratory.