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Research Resources

In addition to our many research partners, Swenson College has some great on-campus resources available for students and faculty.

Geospatial Analysis Center (GAC)

This is a geographic information systems (GIS) organization driven by a student workforce. For more than 10 years, the GAC has worked on projects with state agencies, counties, and regional organizations. Those projects have given local students the chance to gain valuable experience as they gather and analyze data and assist in putting the information to work.

The Center's staff also provide classroom and research project assistance. Services may include project design, identification of system and data needs, data acquisition, budget estimates and analysis or oversight of a project.

Data storage and hardware checkout is available. The Center is also a resource for technological advancement information in the fields of remote sensing, geographic data analysis, and global positioning systems.

Research Instrumentation Lab (RIL)

Another great resource, this lab is focused on providing the highest quality microanalytical data. Lab staff can teach researchers and students about the tools available and how best to use the equipment to gather the data they need.

The lab is open for use by students, faculty and staff of UMD, as well as regional commercial and non-profit groups with a need for the lab’s services.