Sam Toan

Dr. Sam Toan
Professional Title
Associate Professor

PhD Petroleum Engineering | University of Wyoming
MS. Chemical Engineering | University of Wyoming
M.S. Petroleum Engineering | University of Wyoming
B.S. Chemical Engineering/Chemistry | University of Wisconsin - Madison                                                         


Teaching Courses
ChE 3111 Fluid Mechanics
ChE 3211 Chemical Engineering Lab 
ChE 4301 Chemical Reaction Engineering
ChE 4402 Process Dynamics and Control
ChE 5121 Advanced Thermodynamics
ChE 5131 Polymer Engineering


Professional Associations


Research Themes
Nanomaterials, greenhouse gases capture and conversion, energy materials, biofuel, air capture, chemical-looping, polymers, molecular separations, catalysis, battery & energy storage, biomedical


Example of Research Projects
CO2 Capture projects

  • Direct Air Capture
  • Direct Ocean Capture
  • Flue Gas Capture

Value added chemicals/fuel production from material of environmental concern conversion projects

  • Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Butanol
  • Fuel conversion from plastic wastes
  • Hydrogen production via pyrolysis

Developing novel green-low-cost-super capacitor battery 


Examples of Technical Publications
Out of about 50 peer-reviewed publications
Citations over 2,200; recent average over 440/year; h-index 24; i10-index 35


  1. Sun, Z; Toan, S; Chen, S; Xiang, W; Fan, M; Zhu, M; Ma, S. Biomass pyrolysis-gasification over Zr promoted CaO-HZSM-5 catalysts for hydrogen and bio-oil co-production with CO2 capture. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2017), 42(25), 16031-16044.
  2. Yao, H; Toan, S; Fan, M; Huang, L; Wang Y; Russell, AG; Lou, G; Fei, W. TiO(OH)2 – A highly effective catalyst for significant improvement of CO2 desorption kinetics and thus large reduction in CO2 capture cost: A new pathway. Scientific Report-Nature (2017), 7(2943).
  3. Toan, S; Lai, Q; O’Dell, W; Sun, Z; Song, H; Zhao, Y; Radosz, M; Adidharma, H; Russell, A; Yao, H; Wang, Y; Fei, W; Fan, M. Green, Safe, Fast, and Inexpensive Removal of CO2 from Non-Carcinogenic Aqueous KHCO3 Solutions Using a TiO(OH)2 Catalyst: A Milestone Toward Truly Low-Cost CO2 Capture That Can Ease Implementing the Paris Climate Accord. Nano Energy (2018), 53, 508-512.
  4. Toan, S; Lai, Q; Cheng, H; Assiri, M; Russell, A; Adidharma, H; Radosz, M; Fan, M.  Catalyst-TiO(OH)2 could drastically reduce the energy consumption of CO2 capture. Nature Communication (2018), 9:2672.
  5. Wu, F; Dellenback, P; Russell, K; Toan, S; Gasem, K; Adidharma, A; Radosz, M; Fan, M. TiO(OH)2 can exceed the critical limit of conventional CO2 sorbents: modification needed for high capacity and selectivity. Royal Society of Chemistry (2018), 54, 8395-8398
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Textbook Publications
Introduction to MATLAB for Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (2017) 2nd Edition, by Sam Toan, Bahareh Nojabaei and Hertanto Adidharma. ISBN: 978-1548004873