Sam Toan

Sam Toan
Professional Title
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming
M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Wyoming
M.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interest Areas
CO2 Capture & Conversion
Rare Earth Extraction
Biofuels and Biomass Energy
Supercritical Fluids

Research Interests

  • Developing new materials (e.g., ionic liquids, nanofluid and nanostructure catalyst materials) for clean and renewable energy production applications
  • Integrating multiple methods and processes including (homogenous, heterogeneous, etc.) catalysis and separation with sorption and membrane as well as chemical looping pathway for conversion of renewable resources including biomass into value-added chemicals and clean fuels   
  • Studying chemical and energy generation processes reaction mechanisms through various theoretical and experimental tools including computational chemistry
  • Converting environmentally concerned materials into useful products including CO2, CH4, and plastic into fuels and value-added chemicals

Courses Teaching
ChE 3032 Modeling and Simulation
ChE 3111  Fluid Mechanics
ChE 3211  Chemical Engineering Lab I
ChE 4301  Chemical Reaction Engineering
ChE 4402  Process Dynamics and Control
ChE 5121  Advanced Thermodynamics
ChE 5131 Polymer Engineering

Introduction to MATLAB for Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (2017) 2nd Edition, by Sam Toan, Bahareh Nojabaei and Hertanto Adidharma. ISBN: 978-1548004873

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Sun, Z.; Toan, S.; Chen, S.; Xiang, W.; Fan, M.; Zhu, M.; Ma, S. Biomass pyrolysis-gasification over Zr promoted CaO-HZSM-5 catalysts for hydrogen and bio-oil co-production with CO2 capture. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2017), 42(25), 16031-16044.
  2. Sun, Z.; Xu, B.; Rony, A. H.; Toan, S.; Chen, S.; Gasem, K.A.; Adidharma, H.; Xiang, W.; Fan, M. Thermogravimetric and Kinetics investigation of pine wood pyrolysis catalyzed with alkali-treated CaO/ZSM-5. Energy Conversion and Management (2017), 146, 182-194.
  3. Yao, H.; Toan, S.; Fan, M.; Huang, L.; Wang Y.; Russell, A. G.; Lou, G.; Fei, W. TiO(OH)2 – A highly effective catalyst for significant improvement of CO2 desorption kinetics and thus large reduction in CO2 capture cost: A new pathway. Scientific Report-Nature (2017), 7(2943).
  4. Toan, S.; Lai, Q.; O’Dell, W.; Sun, Z.; Song, H.; Zhao, Y.; Radosz, M.; Adidharma, H.; Russell, A.; Yao, H.; Wang, Y.; Fei, W.; Fan, M. Green, Safe, Fast, and Inexpensive Removal of CO2 from Non-Carcinogenic Aqueous KHCO3 Solutions Using a TiO(OH)2 Catalyst: A Milestone Toward Truly Low-Cost CO2 Capture That Can Ease Implementing the Paris Climate Accord. Nano Energy (2018), 53, 508-512.
  5. Toan, S.; Lai, Q.; Cheng, H.; Assiri, M.; Russell, A.; Adidharma, H.; Radosz, M.; Fan, M.  An innovative way for making widely considered impossible low-cost CO2 capture possible – exemplified with monoethanolamine and methyl diethanolamine based CO2 separations. Nature Communication (2018), 9:2672.
  6. Wu, F.; Dellenback, P.; Russell, K.; Toan, S.; Gasem, K.; Adidharma, A.; Radosz, M.; Fan, M. TiO(OH)2 can exceed the critical limit of conventional CO2 sorbents: modification needed for high capacity and selectivity. Royal Society of Chemistry (2018), 54, 8395-8398
  7. Zhou, H.; Wang, J.; Zhu, P.; Zhu, H.; Toan, S.; Hu, S.; Ren, J.; Chen, Y. NR4A1 aggravates the cardiac microvascular ischemia reperfusion injury through suppressing FUNDC1-mediated mitophagy and promoting Mff-required mitochondrial fission by CK2α, Basic Research in Cardiology (2018), 113:23.
  8. Zhu, P.; Hu, S.; Jin, Q.; Li, D.; Tian, F.; Toan, S.; Li, Y.; Zhou, H.; Chen, Y. Ripk3 promotes ER stress-induced necroptosis in cardiac IR injury: A mechanism involving calcium overload/XO/ROS/mPTP pathway. Redox Biology (2018), 16, 157-168.
  9. Zhou, H.; Li, D.; Zhu, P.; Zhu, P.; Ma, Q.; Toan, S.; Wang, J;  Hu, S.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, Y. Inhibitory effect of melatonin on necroptosis via repressing  the  Ripk3- PGAM5- CypD- mPTP  pathway attenuates cardiac microvascular ischemia–reperfusion injury. J Pineal Res. (2018), 65:e12503.
  10. Toan, S.; O’Dell, W.; Russell, C.; Zhao, S.; Lai, Q.; Song, H.; Zhao, Y.; Fan, M. Thermodynamics of NaHCO3 decomposition during Na2CO3-based CO2 capture. Journal of Environmental Sciences (2019), 78, 74-80.
  11. Zhou, H.; Wang, J.; Hu, S.; Zhu, H.; Toan, S.; Ren, J. BI1 alleviates cardiac microvascular ischemia-reperfusion injury via modifying mitochondrial fission and inhibiting XO/ROS/F-actin pathways. Journal of Cellular Physiology (2019), 234(4), 5056-5069.
  12. Sun, Z.; Wu, X.; Russell, C.; Dyar, M.; Sklute, E.; Toan, S.; Fan, M.; Duan, L.; Xiang, W. Synergistic enhancement of chemical looping-based CO2 splitting with biomass cascade utilization using cyclic stabilized Ca2Fe2O5 aerogel. Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2019), 7, 1216-1226.
  13. Ma, S.; Chen, S.; Zhu, M.; Zhao, Z.; Hu, J.; Wu, M.; Toan, S.; Xiang, W. Enhanced sintering resistance of Fe2O3/CeO2 oxygen carrier for chemical looping hydrogen generation using core-shell structure. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2019), 44 (13), 6491-6504
  14. Liu, Y.; Sun, Z.; Toan, S.; Chen, S.; Xiang, W. Investigations on fluid dynamics of binary particles in a dual fluidized bed reactor system for enhanced calcium looping gasification process. Powder Technology (2019)