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NRRI Base Funding Gets Needed Boost

With an infusion of base funding that provides support for researchers and programs, NRRI is looking ahead to help the state prepare for a... more

Keeping Women on the STEM Track

Akquaa Anye evaluates methods to keep women in STEM fields.

A Win for Innovation

UMD’s new chemistry building receives funding. 
Governor Mark Dayton

A Win for Innovation

UMD’s new chemistry building receives funding.

New Tools for New Views into Old Industries

From birds-eye views to seeing deep into the earth, new technologies are providing old industries with accurate data previously approached... more
Sgt James Lewis

Airforce ROTC Volunteer of the Year

UMD's Tech Sargent  James A. Lewis, won the 2016 Air Force National Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Volunteer of the Year... more

NRRI Demonstrates Process for Developing Titanium Dioxide

Results released shows Minnesota ilmenite resources can be processed into high value titanium dioxide. 

Speaking in Siberia

Professor Viktor V. Zhdankin joined colleagues from across the world at an International Green Chemistry Seminar.
Bilin Tsai with faculty

Decades of Positive Change

UMD professor receives President’s Award for Outstanding Service.
Group Photo of winners

Engineering Students Win

Students in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and the Electrical Engineering departments took first place in the Air Force... more


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