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Neimi Bird Watching

Minnesota Launches First Breeding Bird Atlas Online

NRRI scientists and IBS Faculty member Gerald Neimi work with Audubon Minnesota to launch state's first breeding bird atlas in online and... more

UMD Partners with Congdon Park PTA for Science Night

UMD scientists are taking their innovation to Congdon Park Elementary School, 3116 East Superior Street, tonight, Friday, November 3 from 6... more
aidan fawcett mie student

Solar, Wind, and More

SUN Delegation president aims to further on-campus sustainability.

Lonza, Inc. Turns Nuisance Dust into Fuel Source

NRRI helps Minnesota manufacturer turn waste wood particles to a biofuel to power their plant.

Renewable Energy Lab Delivers Biofuels for the Future

After 10 years of research, NRRI delivered solid results this fall. As in solid biofuels. By the ton. 

Clover Science and Genetics

From a Colombian veterinarian clinic to Minnesota clover, one UMD student searches for answers

Four in the Family

The Larsen clan descends on UMD.

Dr. Ryan Bergstrom Named IonE Associate

IonE recently selected Dr. Ryan Bergstrom as one of 14 faculty from across the University of Minnesota system to join its cohort of... more

Digging Deep

A quest to dig beneath the earth's oldest ice.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Clear lakes disguise impaired water quality.


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