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Aspalt Road

Paving the Way for Progess

The Pavement Research Team, headed by Dr. Manik Barman, is paving the way for progress on pavement in Minnesota, especially in pothole... more
Micki with Toy

Creating with Compassion

With a notepad at the ready to sketch out her ideas and a heavy backpack at her feet, senior Micki Grover explains that UMD has allowed her... more
Latisha Brengman and Kendall Johnson

Resolving the Rock Paradox

Two student researchers examine iron formations on the 1.9 billion-year-old Mesabi Iron Range.
Computer Science Programming Contest group

19th Annual NMU Invitational Programming Contest

UMD students won 3rd place in the overall all-team accomplishment award

Quantifying Internal Waves

UMD student conducts research on Lake Superior and ocean internal tide theory.

Ted Osersky, Kirill Shchapov and Andy Bramburger on Fox 21 Local News

Dr. Ted Ozersky, Kirill Shchapov and Dr. Andy Bramburger are featured on Fox 21 News
2018 ASCE Officers at the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders

CE Student Groups 2017-2018

From egg protection devices in California to paper walls in Florida, students at the University of Minnesota Duluth travelled the country... more

Every Day is Earth Day at NRRI

Staff involvement in Sustainability@NRRI program keeps waste in check.

Taking wood to the extreme

NRRI sends samples of thermally modified wood to the hot, wet environment of Hilo, Hawaii. Here's what we're learning.
Clean Snowmobile Team Portrait

Clean Snowmobile Team Takes Second Place

This is the best year yet for members of the UMD Clean Snowmobile Club. 


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