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Our most recent news is below. You can check out our archived newsletters for additional information about the Biology Department, too. 



The Right Tools for Great Lakes Monitoring

NRRI's Great Lakes Environmental Indicators project

Apple Domestication and Preservation

What kind of apple trees do we have in Duluth and Northern Minnesota? 

Biology GTA Wins Bulldog Award

Emily Heald, a Department of Biology graduate teaching assistant, has won the University-wide Bulldog Award.  
UMD polish faculty

Polish Study Abroad Faculty Awarded

Polish Faculty Receive Award for UMD Cooperative Microbiology Course Offered in Poland

Apple Genetics

Insight into Northern Minnesota's Domesticated Apple
sicowet in simulated tank

Fish Finders: Research Discovers Siscowet Have Spectacular Vision

UMD is simulating the pitch-black hunting conditions of Lake Superior to learn more about how the siscowet feed.

Nectar Research Leads to Breakthrough

UMD's Clay Carter, associate professor in the Department of Biology, along with his graduate and undergraduate students, are studying the... more

Alumnus and Nobel Prize Recipient Brian Kobilka Returns to Campus

On September 13, UMD welcomes alumnus Brian Kobilka, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Forest of the Future

UMD and the Nature Conservancy set out to adapt trees in the Minnesota’s Northern forests
ground squirrel

The Skinny on Fat

Minnesota’s ground squirrels may hold the clues for a weight loss aid.


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