Engineers Without Borders in Kenya

UMD students volunteer for a water access project

Seven UMD students, one UMD alumna, and one Duluth-area professional engineer, completed a two-week trip to Nyansakia, Kenya in January 2023 as part of an Engineers Without Borders (EWB) project. Two of the students on the trip were Alison Olson-Enamorado, a junior majoring in industrial engineering, and Yohanis Hundessa, a senior majoring in electrical engineering. Olson-Enamorado and Hundessa explained that in rural Kenya, half the population lacks access to safe drinking water, which poses significant health and economic costs.

The UMD group included Chad Donnelly, the Twin-Cities-area professional engineer and Emily Schabert, a UMD alumna and previous president of the EWB branch at UMD. They were dedicated to go on this adventure because it was delayed for three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.