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Construction workers on site

Deconstruction brings jobs to the northland

NRRI helps find markets for used construction materials while a social enterprise creates jobs, teaches skills in the northland.
Tree in forrest

Marten Habitat Research Informs Forest Planning

A need to nest in old tree cavities means the American marten has something to tell us about long-range forest planning.
Two students seated

UMD Students and Social Media

UMD student surveys not far from national trends.
Duluth map

Geographic Information Systems Day

UMD to showcases widespread uses of mapping technology on Tuesday, November 15.
Lake sunrise

Sea Grant Receives Funding

Minnesota Sea Grant receives federal funding from NOAA.
NRRI Building

NRRI delivers high return on state's investment

A new study aimed at estimating the value of NRRI finds the institution is giving back to Minnesota tenfold on its investment.
Brenda Vu

Refugee Daughter Eyes UMD for a Better Education

A cultural transition yields big rewards.
Champ at UMD Commencement

UMD's Networking Night Scheduled

Alumni Relations is inviting Bulldogs to rub elbows with local professionals.


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