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Graduate Programs

Computer Science Department

M.S. in Computer Science

The M.S. degree in Computer Science program provides a firm foundation in research and applications in Computer Science. It is a two-year full-time program, designed for students with an undergraduate degree in computer science or computer engineering.


January - Initial Round of Review
Review of applications begin in mid-January, at the start of semester.  Please have your applications in by then if at all possible.   
February - Initial Round of Admissions Decisions
It is the department's goal to send out first round of admissions information. 
February & March - Initial Round of Financial Aid Decisions
It is the department's goal to send out notifications for GTA or GRA offers through mid-to-late March. 
March & April — Notification of Financial Aid
All applicants who receive assistantship offers or offers of financial aid have until the April 15 deadline to confirm or decline the offer via
Additional offers will be made later if funding is available. See Section 2.2 of the CS Graduate Brochure for details.
July 15 — Deadline for Fall Admission
No applications are accepted to start in spring or summer semester.


The UMD Computer Science Department accept applications for Fall Semester only.

Apply Now: Online Application
Selected Program: Computer Science-Duluth-MS
Proposed Term:  Fall 2020

Required Materials to Apply to UMD Computer Science MS Program:

  • Complete Contact & Biographical Information
  • Undergraduate Institution Information
  • Upload of unofficial transcripts
  • GRE Scores
  • Upload of Personal Statement
  • Three letters of reference
  • Writing Sample (if international student)
  • Resume
  • Any pertinent certificates

Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Computer Science Brochure contains detailed information about admission to the Graduate School, applying for financial aid, and requirements for the degree.

Our graduate program strives to meet the following Graduate Learning Goal Categories (GLGC):

  • GLGC 1 - Knowledge and Scholarly Formation (Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and mastery of computational systems at the graduate level.)
    • Outcome 1a: Through coursework, students will demonstrate competency across computer science areas of computational systems, theory and applications.
    • Outcome 1b: Students will develop specialized knowledge about a research area in computer science.
  • GLGC 2 - Research and Methodological Skills Relevant to Field (Graduates will be trained to conduct research in the field of computer science.)
    • Outcome 2a: Students will prepare a research paper in accordance with professional presentation appropriate to the topic.
  • GLGC 3 - Communication Skills (Graduates will develop communication skills to facilitate professional engagement in the field of computer science.)
    • Outcome 3a: Students will present and evaluate oral presentations on technical topics in computer science.
    • Outcome 3b: Students will write about and evaluate technical topics in computer science.
  • GLGC 4 - Leadership and Collaborative Skills (Graduates will develop collaborative skills to enable leadership in the field of computer science.)
    • Outcome 4a: Students will work with peers and experts in the field to develop strong collaboration skills.
  • GLGC 5 - Cultural Competence and Global Context Formation of the Field (Graduates will deepen their understanding of the global context of the field of computer science and the role of computation in society.)
    • Outcome 5a: Identify and evaluate ethical issues related to computation.


Current Graduate Students & Alumni

There are currently 22 full-time graduate students pursuing the M.S. degree in Computer Science. Each student has a graduate teaching assistantship or a research assistantship.

Assistantship Application 

2019-2020 Graduate Student Poster

Completed Graduate Theses