UMD Research & Field Studies Center

The UMD Research and Field Studies Center is a 114 acre site approximately four miles from campus 4907 Jean Duluth Road.

It is an educational and research-centered resource that provides space to support multiple UMD programs.

Because there are many different campus groups using this space, it is referred to by different names including the UMD Land Lab and UMD Farm.

The main purpose of the space is to:

  • Conduct research on natural ecosystems, plant and animal populations, and individual species in a changing landscape.
  • Provide field-based educational activities in the form of academic classes, informal workshops and training programs.
  • Develop, manage, and maintain an experiential venue to educate students, the University community, and the region on sustainable agriculture.
  • Communicate to the public and engage the campus community in scientific study through involvement with researcher shared expertise and results.
  • Facilitate interaction between a variety of disciplines related to environmental management, education, and sustainable agriculture at UMD.