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Iron Range Engineering

Hayden Taylor Iron Range Engineering Student

Worth It

Working full time and going to graduate school is no picnic but Hayden Taylor will tell you its worth the extra effort and opens up a lot of new career possibilities.

Designed for distance learning - this program helps meet the needs of our region.

Designed for Iron Rangers

This is a current graduate degree program designed for learning on Minnesota’s Iron Range. Classes are offered in the following programs:

All students have complete access to all courses offered and facilities on the UMD campus.

Classes will be held at Mesabi Range College in Virginia, MN and are taught by UMD faculty. Enrollees will be UMD Students and will have access to related courses offered on the UMD campus, ITV and on-line courses. In conjunction with the Northeast Higher Learning District, classes are offered at all five regional community colleges: Itasca, Rainy River, Hibbing, Vermillion and Mesabi.


For a course listing, visit the OneStop.


  • Apply online through the University of Minnesota Graduate School. You are able to transfer graduate-level courses to this degree program.

  • For non-degree students or those students wanting to take courses only, register here

  • Learning Goals and Outcomes for the MEng Program

Spring 2019 Mining Scholarship

This scholarship is for a student pursuing a Mining or Related Engineering Degree and will cover tuition and fees ranging up to $6500/year for up to 4 years for enrollment in approved course work in the Iron Range/UMD Graduate Engineering Education Program pursuing a Mining or Related Engineering Degree.   

Spring 2019 Deadline for submission:  1/14/19

Scholarship Application Form

Minimum Criteria:

  • Pursuing a Mining or Related Engineering Degree at the University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • Undergraduate degree (earned or expected) in an engineering discipline or related field such as chemistry, computer science, geology, physics, etc.
  • Currently enrolled in, or planning to enroll in,  approved course work  in the Iron Range/UMD Graduate Engineering Education Program
  • Living and working on the Minnesota Iron Range

Contact Information

For additional program information or if you have questions, please contact James "Moe" Benda, Director, at 218-749-7746 or