Kirill Shchapov

Professional Title
Graduate Student

Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Dr. Tedy Ozersky

Education: Bachelor of Environmental Studies. Faculty of Geography, Irkutsk State University. Irkutsk, Russia.

Specialty area: Limnology, Winter Limnology, Zooplankton, Freshwater Ecology, Food Webs

Thesis Research: My research is devoted to understanding how winter conditions affect lower trophic levels like plankton and benthos communities in different lake ecosystems and what is the biological role of winter processes for the following seasons. Overall, lakes are not well studied in wintertime, especially in the context of climate change. Given that many lakes around the globe are warming up with the shortening of the ice-cover period, there is an urgent need for winter lake ecology studies. Therefore, we sampled many lakes around Minnesota and Wisconsin to reveal the main biological processes under the ice and how they are important for organisms inhabiting those lakes.