Keith Lodge

Professional Title
Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Sheffield
B.Sc. Molecular Sciences, University of Warwick

Honors and Awards
2016 Sabra S. and Dennis L. Anderson Scholar/Teacher Award
2002 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

Interest Areas
Distribution coefficients and physical-chemical properties of hydrophobic pollutants 
Unsteady mass transfer of a volatile solute between a liquid and a gas phase

Brief Bio
Professor Lodge has developed and now teaches laboratory-based courses in process control and particle technology. Postdoctoral research with feedback systems, in the attempt to measure surface forces, gave him a background for teaching process control. Later, research work with a major company (ITT) on the gelling properties of attapulgite clay provided the experience for teaching particle technology.

His experimental research has included the studies of the desorption of lipophilic contaminants from sediments, the measurement of the thermodynamic properties of nonionic solutes, and the physical characterization of taconite pellets.