Huai (Howard) Deng

Haui Deng Photo
Professional Title
Associate Professor


  • Postdoc at University of Michigan, HHMI
  • Ph.D at Iowa State University
  • M.S. at Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • B.S. at Wuhan University


Curriculum Vitae

Deng Lab Website 


My laboratory is generally interested in the molecular mechanisms that mediate developmental adaptations to environmental changes.  In particular, my research focuses on the Keap1-Nrf2 oxidative/xenobiotic response pathway in Drosophila model system.  We are exploring the novel functions of these factors in 1) selective transcriptional responses to different signals, 2) chromatin structure remodeling, and 3) regulation of developmental programs, using a combination of imaging, genetic, and molecular approaches.  In addition, my laboratory is interested in developing fluorescence imaging tools to directly visualize protein complexes on chromatin, and using this approach to study combinatory interactions among transcription factors and chromatin modifiers.


  • BIOL 3100 Cell Biology
  • BIOL 4199 Frontiers in Cell Biology

Select Publications

  • Deng H, Kerppola TK (2017) Visualization of the genomic loci that are bound by specific multiprotein complexes by bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) analysis on Drosophila polytene chromosomes. Methods Enzymol in press
  • Deng H, Kerppola TK (2014) Visualization of the Drosophila dKeap1-CncC interaction on chromatin illumines cooperative, xenobiotic-specific gene activation. Development 141:3277-3288.
  • Deng H (2014) Multiple roles of Nrf2-Keap1 signaling: Regulation of development and xenobiotic response using distinct mechanisms. Fly 8:1
  • Deng H, Kerppola TK (2013) Regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis by xenobiotic response regulators. PLoS Genet 9:e1003263.
  • Deng H, Wang C, Lerach S, Delattre M, Girton J, Johansen J, Johansen KM (2010) JIL- and Su(var)3-7 interact genetically and counteract each other's effect on position effect variegation in Drosophila. Genetics 185:1183-1192.
  • Johansen KM, Cai W, Deng H, Bao X, Zhang W, Girton J, Johansen J (2009) Polytene chromosome squash methods for studying transcription and epigenetic chromatin modification in Drosophila using antibodies. Methods 48:387-398.
  • Deng H, Bao X, Cai W, Blacketer M, Belmont AS, Girton J, Johansen J, Johansen KM (2007) Reduced levels of Su(var) 3-9 but not Su (var)2-5 (HP1) counteract the effects on chromatin structure and viability in loss-of-function mutants of the JIL-1 histone H3S10 kinase. Genetics 177: 79-87.
  • Deng H, Zhang W, Bao X, Martin JN, Girton J, Johansen J, Johansen KM (2005) The JIL-1 kinases regulates the structure of Drosophila polytene chromosomes. Chromosoma 114:173-182

Current Graduate Student Project

  • Emma Neidviecky, MS Integrated Biosciences


  • Travels and watching movies