Chanlan Chun

Professional Title
Associate Professor in Civil Engineering, Senior Research Program Manager at Natural Resources Research Institute


Environmental Engineering



Chun Lab



  • Ph.D. Civil (Environmental) Engineering, University of Minnesota Twin Cities 
  • M.S. Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University
  • B.S. Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University


Academic & Professional Experience:


Research Interests:

I am an environmental engineer who is interested in studying the impacts of human activities on natural water system. Our lab aims to understand chemical and microbial contaminants in natural (e.g. lakes, streams, and estuary) and engineered (e.g. sewer system, treatment facility and stormwater systems) and develop improved treatment technologies and mitigation strategies. 


Courses Taught:

  • CE 3025 - Environmental Engineering
  • CE 5241 - Water Chemistry
  • CE 4246/5246 - Environmental Remediation Technologies


UMD YouTube Videos of Dr. Chun’s Students:


Select Publications & Products:

Full publication list also available on Google Scholar

Voelz, J., N. W. Johnson, C.L. Chun, W. A. Arnold, and R. L. Penn 2019 Quantitative Dissolution of Environmentally-Accessible Iron Residing in Iron-Rich Minerals: A Review ACS Earth and Space Chemistry

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