Arshia Khan

Arshia Khan image
Professional Title
Professor & Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests:

Humanoid Therapeutic Robot and Wearable sensors automation: My research sits under the umbrella of biomedical and health informatics where humanoid robots, wearable and spatial sensors are employed in rendering assistive technology to enhance the delivery of care in persons affected with alzheimer’s and related dementia, heart disease, children affected with autism spectrum disorder, trauma sensitive yoga therapy for elderly care. In the recent months, my research interests have evolved into robotic assistive technology in medication management, recovery after open heart surgery. In addition, we are also exploring the use of robots in identifying and predicting wandering behavior among individuals with dementia. I am fortunate to be able to contribute in the growth of the new and emerging field of medical and health informatics. I am working towards robot automation in the areas of navigation, facial recognition, sentiment classification, verbal communication, and social interactions."