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BIOL 3996 - Internship in Biology

Biology Department

BIOL 3996 - Internship in Biology

Requests to register for internship credits (BIOL 3996) are approved by the Biology Curriculum Committee. It is a mechanism for a student, working as a biologist in a paid position, or in a training situation, to receive one or two credits for the experience. Completed applications must include a transcript and a two to three page description of the proposed research. The guideline used to determine credit is 100 hours of work over the semester for one credit. The work experience is to be of rigorous scientific nature commensurate with the background level of a junior or senior biology course. Tasks of a menial nature, such as washing glassware, routine laboratory tests, routine sampling, clearing of trails, or animal care are not granted credit. A Department of Biology faculty member is also named as the overall supervisor of the internship. The internship is typically conducted off-campus in an educational, governmental, or private setting. Regardless of the setting, a person must be identified who will supervise the work that is done. Ultimately, however, the faculty member associated with the internship bears ultimate responsibility.

Students must have completed BIOL 1011 and BIOL 1012 and obtain instructor consent before registering. Course is graded S/N for one to two credits, with a maximum of one credit that can be used as an elective requirement.

IMPORTANT: Before starting, download and make a copy of this form (File > Save As) or your changes will not be saved. This form is a fillable PDF. Once you have filled it out, you will need to save it and send it to your Supervising faculty member. If you are unable to fill out the PDF, please contact the Biology office at and let them know.

Application for admission to BIOL 3996