Potential Minors

Hay physics BS and BA majors, you gotta pick a minor!  Here are some popular choices that require five or fewer additional courses. Some previous students supersized it and completed a full second major because the minor covers the gateway courses to fun upper level electives. At the end is an explanation of details that go into the numerology.

Computer Science Minor
How: five additional courses IF you choose CS1511 as your programming course.
Why: data science, machine learning, information technology
Gateway to: the math gateway course Math3355 is one of the courses for the CS minor. Also you might like Phys4052 or 5053 as an elective.

Environmental Science Minor
How: four additional courses from a long list. 
Why: make a difference for your neighborhood and planet.
Gateway to: lots of different hands on or modeling research projects where you can have high impact.

Electrical Engineering Minor
How: four additional courses because we will waive the Phys3061 requirement in their place.
Why: circuits, robotics, instrumentation/telescope control and data acquisition
Gateway to: take Phys5531 or lots of applied EE electives.
Special note: we are making a list of upper level EE electives where Phys3061 and a physics major are the only prerequisites. Stay tuned.

Materials Science and Engineering Minor
How: four additional courses if you double count Phys4031 and either Phys5041 or Phys5531 for your major also.
Why: has elements of a chemistry minor but fewer courses and faster access to electives.
Gateway to: already is packed with electives, but be careful some have their own prerequisites.

Math Minor
How: two additional courses including Math3355, because the rest of them are already required for the physics major.
Why: math is one of my favorite parts of physics!
Gateway to: upper level math courses, or leaves room for the most physics electives.

Astronomy Minor
How: one course Ast2050 and you double-count electives.
Why: astronomy is why I was interested in physics in the first place!
Gateway to: well, actually you took all the astro courses. Do a research project and/or work in the planetarium!

How about options that require six or more courses? Well, most options above are already gateways to more electives, you don’t have to stop at the minimum. And you can fit in more physics electives too. But ok, consider CS+Math, Chemistry, or Biology. More choices?  We had an art history minor and linguistics, philosophy, french, and english second majors. The physics faculty degrees include CS, music, and philosophy majors. Oh, and if you are a physics BA major, you could follow the CS or Business subplans instead of a minor. The reason so few courses are required is because most of these minors require the same or fewer introductory math, chemistry, and physics courses as you will already take for the physics major.  In other cases, upper-level electives will double count for both the major and the minor.  

Other minors in SCSE