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STEM in the Classrooom


UMD Student in Classroom with Kids
Collaborative, hands-on learning for students of all ages is the goal of classroom partnerships.

Swenson College student Tayler Hebner teaches kids at Piedmont Elementary School about geological formations.

STEM in the Classroom

Education is always changing and as the focus on STEM in the classroom increases across all grades, the types of activities and learning experiences students have access to must expand to keep pace and meet state curriculum requirements.

Swenson College is committed to partnering with local school districts to enhance lesson planning with fun, hands-on learning opportunities.

Whether it is during class time or after school, Swenson College is eager to collaborate with educators on real-world STEM learning applications. By partnering with us, students can relate to young adults currently taking courses in the STEM majors. Students will also have the opportunity to experience active learning, ask questions about what it takes to prepare for a STEM major, what the college experience is like, and learn about the STEM careers available to them after college.

If you would like to learn more about Swenson College’s STEM in the Classroom programs or would like to request a one-time classroom demonstration, please complete the online registration form or contact our Outreach Coordinator at 218-726-7409 or email

Classroom Science Resources

Swenson College departments provide a host of FREE resources available to local educators.

Simply fill out the Online Resource Request Form and a member of our Outreach team will be in contact with you regarding your request. Items should be requested no later than one week prior to when you need them and you can check out items for a maximum of one week. Other guidelines and restrictions apply. Please review the form for additional details.  

Examples of available resources:

  • Rocks/minerals
  • Skulls/bones/antlers
  • Anatomical models
  • Insects
  • Biological specimens
  • Cellular models
  • Scientific equipment (microscopes, culture equipment)
  • Pelts
  • Much more!