STEM Discovery Day

In-person event on Saturday, March 19, 2022

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This is a hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities morning designed for middle and high school students here at UMD. This is a free half-day event and includes take-home lunches for registered students!

Youth choose one of the following sets of different STEM fields to explore:

  • Plastics in the Environment (Chemistry/ Biochemistry), Testing electricity (Physics), Carbon Sequestration (Chemical Engineering)


  • Adventure through the Universe (Astronomy), Maggot Art (Biology), Earth Science Explorations (Earth & Environmental Sciences)

Who can attend? 7th- 12th grade students interested in having fun and learning about STEM fields

When is it? Saturday March 19, 9 am -12 pm 

Where is it? All across the UMD campus (it is a busy and fun morning!)

Free busing will be available at local schools to those who register and request first: Denfeld High School, Lincoln Park Middle School, Ordean Middle School, Superior Middle School

Contact us to request an additional pickup location.

Virtual STEM Discovery Days
Live online sessions from March 28-April 1

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Career Panel: Monday March 28, 3:30-5 pm (you are welcome to join up to 4:30 pm) 
  • Visit with experts from Electrical Engineering, Biology, Aerospace studies, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics, the Planetarium to learn about various careers and fields of study.
  • Join us at 3:30 for a quick overview from all of our guests or join anytime for a more in depth look at fields that may interest you. Curiosity and questions welcome! Register here
Why we Trust Science (Panel Discussion): Tuesday March 29, 4-5 pm 
  • Join us for engaging discussion about the balance between help and harm around the technology of self-driving cars and in the development of pain relieving drugs. Discussions led by UMD researchers Dr. Ted Pedersen & Dr. Shannon Stevenson. Register here
Paying for College: Wednesday March 30, 4-5 pm 
  • Meet with experts to learn about financial aid, the FAFSA, scholarships, and grants). Register here
How to Succeed at College: Thursday March 31, 4-5 pm 
  • Meet with admissions and advising experts to learn about choosing and getting into college, as well as college life and academic support. Register here
Ask a College Student (Panel Discussion): Friday April 1, 4-5 pm 
  • Meet with UMN Duluth college students to learn about their journeys to and experiences with college. Register here