2 UMD CS Teams Compete at DKC3

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November 2, 2016

On October 21st, 2016, UMD Computer Science students participated in the Digi-Key Collegiate Computing Competition.

Teams from thirteen universities took part. Participants solved word problems, short programming problems, and long programming problems. Chris Dressen said, "It was a great experience working together with other fellow Computer Science students in a team setting to accomplish a particular set of goals put on by Digikey. I believe that DKC3 was a fantastic learning experience that was a lot of fun at the same time." 

UMD Computer Science sent two teams. Team Undefined LtoR: Jake Pulkkinen, Ruta Wheelock, Maz Jindeel, and Jake Onsgard(Pictured above).

team undergraduate sabbatical

Team Undergraduate Sabbatical

Team Undergraduate Sabbatical LtoR: Chris Dressen, Joe Kachelmeier, and Cody Seavey.