Stable Isotope Analytical Capabilities

Inquiries and Rates Contact:  Dr. Kathryn Schreiner, [email protected]

The stable isotope laboratories at the Large Lakes Observatory provide analysis of light stable isotopes in a diverse array of natural samples.

Major Instrumentation

Thermo Delta+XP (stable isotopes of C, N, O, H, S in a variety of matrices – see peripheral devices)

Picarro L-2130-i Isotope and Gas Concentration Analyzer (δ18O, δD, water, isotopic water)

Picarro G2201-i Isotopic Analyzer (δ13C, carbon dioxide, methane, isotopic carbon dioxide, isotopic methane)

Peripheral Devices

Costech 4010 Elemental Combustion System with pneumatic autosampler (C, N weight percentages; when coupled to Delta+XP δ13C, δ15N for bulk and filter samples)

Agilent 6890 GC – Thermo Finnigan Combustion Unit with PAL autosampler (GCC-IRMS) (δ13C CSIA)

Thermo Gas Bench II with PAL autosampler (δ13C, δ18O headspace, carbonate samples)

Thermo Finnigan Conflo III

Thermo Finnigan Dual Inlet

Picarro A0211 High-Precision Vaporizer

Picarro A0213 Induction Module (water, isotopic water)

Picarro A0314 Small Sample Isotope Module 2 (SSIM2) (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water, isotopic carbon dioxide)

Aurora 1030W Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (isotopic carbon dioxide)

Smaller Apparatus


Analytical balances

Wig-L-Bug grinding mill

Virtis freeze dryer


Note:  We absolutely DO NOT accept samples containing enriched 14C