Nooreen Syeda

Professional Title
Graduate Student

Master's Student

Advisor: Dr. Sara Zimmer (University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus)

Education: B.S. Genetics, Chemistry & Microbiology - St. Ann's College for Women, Osmania University, India

Specialty Area

Thesis Research: The goal of my research is to investigate natural genetic variation in the eukaryotic Trypanosoma cruzi complex II subunit that may result in a different electron transport chain (ETC) function using CRISPR Cas9 technology. This study is significant for understanding Chagas disease, prevalent in Latin America, where current antiparasitic options are limited due to gaps in our understanding of T. cruzi biology. By substituting a complex II subunit between different strains, I aim to assess the impact on cellular metabolism and explore potential sites for targeted drug discovery.