Lyndon Ramrattan

Lyndon Ramrattan
Professional Title
Lab Services Coordinator

M.Sc. Tropical Commodity Utilization, University of the West Indies
B.Sc. Agronomy, University of the West Indies

Interest Areas
Teaching and Research Support

Brief Bio
Mr. Ramrattan attended the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in his native Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Having an educational background in tropical agriculture and tropical commodity utilization (Food Sciences), Mr. Ramrattan makes uses of his past training and skills to support the many facets of the teaching and research operations at the UMD Chemical Engineering Department.

He is knowledgeable about food and culinary product development, sensory evaluation techniques, hedonic testing, effective testing, affective testing, and discrimination testing. His other interests include farming, fishing, and writing about the cuisine and folklore of the diverse Caribbean islands.