Hessam Mirgolbabei

Professional Title
Assistant Professor, Dr. Howard Higholt Endowed Professor

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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Fluids, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar

About Hessam (Kassra)

Dr. Mirgolbabaei is a dedicated and passionate faculty member in Thermal Fluids, committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). With a strong background in engineering and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by underrepresented groups in the field, Hessa has always longed to become a prominent advocate for LGBTQIA+ individuals and the promotion of women and sexual minorities in STEM.

Hessam earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University, where his research focused on speeding up the computational simulations of reactive flows. This academic journey instilled in him a profound appreciation for the power of diversity in driving innovation and progress in engineering.

In addition to his research and teaching responsibilities, Hessam is a tireless advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and the advancement of women and sexual minorities in STEM. He actively promotes inclusive policies and practices within his department and university, working to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students and colleagues. He believes that everyone should have equal opportunities to pursue their passions in STEM, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

As a sought-after speaker and mentor, Hessam is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. He frequently gives talks and participates in panel discussions on the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM, sharing his personal experiences and insights to empower others. Hessam mentors LGBTQIA+ and female students, helping them navigate the challenges of academia and the professional world.

Outside of his academic and advocacy work, Hessam enjoys traveling and spending quality time in different parts of the world, demonstrating his commitment to a well-rounded life that includes professional success and personal fulfillment.

Dr. Mirgolbabaei is one of many examples of an engineer who not only excels in their field but also uses their platform to drive positive change, making STEM more accessible and inclusive for everyone. His dedication to LGBTQIA+ advocacy and the promotion of women and sexual minorities in STEM is hoped to make a lasting impact on our community and the broader academic world.