(G.) Lee Zimmerman

G Lee Zimmerman
Professional Title
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Zimmerman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah in Electrical Engineering, where he also worked as a technician on electronically processed stethoscopes for Symbion inc. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota in 1989. His research is centered on computational models of biological vision. He was a Post-doc at Harvard University in Experimental Psychology of Vision and Perception and then became an Assistant Professor at Tulane University in Electrical Engineering. He was primary advisor for PhD students from three departments: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology; Awarded a patent on series of color motion tests; Won awards for teaching at both as a graduate student and a faculty member. He has been an adjunct professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Minnesota Duluth since about 2000. He has published articles in Engineering Journals, Psychology Journals,and Art Journals. Lee Zimmerman is also an international recognized silk painter.