Erin Bergen

Professional Title
Graduate Student

Master's Student

Advisors: Dr. Julie Etterson (Biology) and Dr. Salli Dymond (Earth & Environmental Sciences)

Education: B.S. Natural Resources - Ecological Restoration & B.S. Geosciences - Geology - Northland College

Specialty Area: General Biology, Ecology, Geology

Thesis Research: My research explores the phenological suitability and hydrological impacts of tree types in the context of climate change. In addition to investigating which tree species are and will be best suited to regional climate change, I am focusing on the implications of locally-adapted subpopulations of trees, or ecotypes. Species ranges can cover a wide swathe of area, and subpopulations--those in the far north and far south of a species range, for example--can have distinctive local adaptations and thus different capabilities to withstand climate change. These differences may also lead to a variety of water use strategies in trees, which can have far-reaching effects on the hydrology of their ecosystems. Understanding the growth and water use habits of different tree types will help guide restoration efforts in forested watersheds.