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BIOL 3994 - Undergraduate Research

Biology Department

BIOL 3994 - Undergraduate Research

BIOL 3994 is available for students who are interested in conducting original research to fulfill upper division BIOL elective credits for their degree. Student who are interested doing research for credit make arrangements with full-time or active part-time faculty members in the Department of Biology for guidance and sponsorship on their independent project and use of their resources. Research may be conducted in the laboratory of a faculty member or with scientists outside of the department (NRRI, EPA, state agencies, etc.). The course is arranged between a student and faculty member, usually involving hands-on research, but has been occasionally used to grant credit for library research on an advanced topic. More than 30 students have completed this course in the last ten years. In any semester a student may register for 1-2 credits. For ongoing projects that may require more than one semester of work, subsequent registrations for a maximum of four credits is possible. Depending upon the total number of credits taken, some or all may be used as an electives to meet major requirements. Faculty members with active research programs often sponsor several students each semester.

This course is graded S/N, can be taken for either one or two credits (maximum of four credits over an academic career), and acceptance into this course is dependent upon departmental approval. Students applying for acceptance into this course must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree, have earned a minimum of a C grade in both BIOL 1011 and BIOL 1012, have completed 60 credits, and submit a project proposal for departmental review. Details concerning the project proposal and other aspects of the application process can be found in the link below. If you have questions concerning Undergraduate Research contact your advisor or the faculty member you would like to work with.

IMPORTANT: Before starting, download and make a copy of this form (File > Save As) or your changes will not be saved. This form is a fillable PDF. Once you have filled it out, you will need to save it and send it to your Supervising faculty member. If you are unable to fill out the PDF, please contact the Biology office at and let them know.

Application for admission to BIOL 3994