Gran Honored

Nov 18, 2018

Dr. Karen Gran, associate professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, received the Kirk Bryan Award.

Karen Gran was presented with the prestigious 2018 Kirk Bryan Award for her research article titled, “Landscape Evolution Valley Excavation, and Terrace Development Following Abrupt Base-Level Fall.” The award was presented at the Geological Society of America 130th Annual Meeting in early November 2018 and the findings were published in the Geological Society of America Bulletin.

Karen Gran received the Kirk Bryan Award at the Geological Society of America 2018 annual meeting.
Karen Gran received the Kirk Bryan Award at the Geological Society of America 2018 annual meeting.

Karen shared the award with her team of Noah Finnegan, Andrea L. Johnson, Patrick Belmont, Chad Wittkop, and Tammy Rittenour. She explains, “This paper was truly an integrated effort, and I wanted to make sure my co-authors and collaborators get the recognition they deserve.”

About Karen's Work
Karen's research focuses on geomorphology, sediment transport, landscape analysis, volcanic geomorphology, and stream restoration. She has conducted research on the Le Sueur River watershed, the greater Blue Earth River basin, the Minnesota River basin, and the sediment-laden rivers from the Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines.

“I am a fluvial geomorphologist,” says Karen. “I spend a lot of time in rivers, thinking about rivers, and enjoying rivers.”

About the Award
Karen and her team investigated postglacial landscape evolution and altered watershed processes. Their findings gave insight about how and why environmental systems evolve over time, with important implications for river management.

According to a statement by the Geological Society of America, “This paper not only represents a significant scientific advance in understanding landscape evolution, but also relates clearly to modern land use and watershed management applications."

The Kirk Bryan Award is given by the Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division of the Geological Society of America. This award has been given out since 1958 and it recognizes those who advance the science of geomorphology and related fields.

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