2021 Faculty Awards & Staff Recognition

Jul 14, 2021

Faculty and staff are recognized for their exceptional work and years of service.

University of Minnesota System Awards

John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

This award serves to recognize and reward high-quality academic advising and the contribution it makes
in helping students formulate and achieve intellectual, career, and personal goals. 
The 2021 award goes to Victor Lai, assistant professor, Chemical Engineering, SCSE.

University of Minnesota Duluth Awards

Chancellor’s Distinguished Research/Creative Activity Award

Faculty members who receive this award are honored for their excellence in research or creative activity, scholarly or artistic contributions to individual disciplines, and dedication to student research. This year’s recipients are Chongwon Park, professor, English, Linguistics Writing Studies, CLA and Justin Rubin, professor, Music, CLA. 

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award recognizes faculty who have made contributions to the teaching mission of UMD that are of extraordinary quality and reflect UMD’s emphasis on high quality undergraduate and graduate education.This award honors faculty for innovative pedagogy, development of creative and critical thinking, student mentoring, commitment to liberal education, and leadership and impact within a department. This year’s recipient is Andrea Schokker, professor, Civil Engineering, SCSE.

Lai, Park, Rubin, Shokker

Victor Lai, Chongwon Park, Justin Rubin, Andrea Schokker

Albert Tezla Teacher/Scholar Award

This award is given annually to a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts who has an exceptional and effective teaching style that emphasizes the worth of research in a learned discipline and the maturing impact scholarly activity has on the development of human attitudes and values. This year's recipient is Paula Gudmundson, associate professor, Music, CLA.

2021 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award. 

This award is given to faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding service to their undergraduate students. This year’s recipient is  David Short, associate professor, Art & Design, CLA.

2021 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Advisor Award. 

2020 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Advisor Award. The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award is given each year to faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding service to their graduate students. This year’s recipient is Rick LaCaille, professor, Psychology, CEHSP.

Paula Gudmundson, David Short, Rick LaCaille

Paula Gudmundson, David Short, and Rick LaCaille

Staff Awards

Individual awards:

  • Michele Larson, CLA
  • Jodi Straka, Admissions
  • Brett Taylor, ITSS
  • David Worley, Student Life

Team award:

  • Library Archive Team - Northeastern MN Covid-19 Community Archive Project: Aimee Brown and Shana Aue


Congratulations to the following faculty and staff for their years of service.

50th Year:

Tim Roufs

45th Year:
Ken Gilbertson

40th Year:
Sue Brockopp
Susan MacDonald
Kenneth McMillan
Thomas Pawlowicz
Daniel Seguin

35th Year:
Chuck Bosell
Craig Domas
Linda LeGarde Grover
Gary Holquist
Julie Johnson
Janell Lemire
Mark Mizuko
Ron Moen
Karen Stromme

30th Year:
Rodney Bodell
Sue Bosell
Patrick Donahue
Robin Fuller
Kevin Lamar
LeAnn LeDoux-Bergman
Craig Maly
Dawn Stevenson
Steven Strand
Michelle Tessier

25th Year:
Darrell Anderson
Steve Bardolph
Erik Brown
Cynthia Carlson
Julie De Roche
Richard Maclin
Michael Marturano
Elizabeth Matson
Cheryl Reitan
Will Rhodes
Nigel Wattrus

20th Year:
Trista Anderson
Timothy Ashbaugh
Ellen Betzold
Angela Blais
Valerie Brady
Donn Branstrator
June Breneman
Kent Brorson
Timothy Craig
Christine Dean
Mitra Emad
Jean Farrell
Guihua Fei
Justin Fish
Lisa Fitzpatrick
Ryan Frane
Paul Gellerstedt
Alec Habig
Kim Habig
Karen Hansen
Thomas Hrabik
Ginger Johnson
Linda Kall
Andy Kauppinen
Loretta Kragness
Carmen Latterell
Edward Lermon
Morris Levy
Curtis Lewis
Jeffrey Maahs
Ryuta Nakajima
Karen Nichols
Sara Ojard
Jean Perrault
Bob Rients
Joellyn Rock
Randy Skalberg
Kevin Smith
John Swenson
Christopher Untiedt
Kara Ward
Kari Young

15th Year:
Kathryn Apostal
Jay Austin
Elizabeth Austin-Minor
Brett Ballavance
Jayme Battaglia
David Beard
Steve Berry
Barbara Boo
David Bowen
Jefferson Campbell
Mary Caprioli
Regina Christensen
Valerie Coit
Jean Conner
Kristi Dalbec
Runa Das
Brett DeFoe
Amanda Denton
Kathy Dowell
Sara Fitzgerald
Jason Ford
Eric Freberg
Brenda Frye
Emily Gaarder
Karen Gran
Richard Gran
Alexis Grinde
Cindy Gustafson
Craig Hill
Jolene Hyppa Martin
Mandie Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Becky Kavajecz
Kitty Kennedy
Lisa Kittelson
Patrick Kohlin
Joan Kwako
Lara LaCaille
Rick LaCaille
Scott Laderman
Kathryn Levine
Clifford Martin III
Maggie McLeod-Shovein
Deanna Nordeen
Thomas O'Hara
Alan Oyler
Chongwon Park
Jeffery Polson
Charles Reichert
Krisanne Roen
Timothy Seelos
Hua Tang
Benjamin Thompson
Peter Willemsen

10th Year:
Josh Bednar
Lendley Black
Rachel Breckenridge
Scott Carlson
Beth Cash
Trey Dill
Josh Dumke
Patrick Eidsmo Zacharia
Eustice Milagros Gómez
Jesden Hansen
Ellen Hatfield
Eric Hessler
Lisa Johnson
RaeAnn Jones
Tracy Kall
Justin Keppers
Marte Kitson
Lucas Kramer
Robin Macgregor
Susan Maher
Lynn McGraw
Paul Nisius
Brian Nystrom
Ted Patton
Arthur Pettyjohn
Guy Sander
Lisa Sundberg
Rebecca Teasley
Daisy Wallace
Nicole Wilde
David Woodward
Lin Xiu

An all-campus award ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.