Success Stories

Graduates of our Masters program have many job opportunities and many go on to PhD programs.

We keep in touch with our graduates and love to hear about their new jobs and education advancements. If you have a success story you would would like to share, please send it to [email protected].

2018-2019 Graduates

PhD program in Statistics at the University of Georgia                                                                                      

Shiyuan Deng

PhD program at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Shahriyar Roshan Zamir

PhD program at the University of Oregon

Aaron Victorin-Vangerud

Statistics instructor at UMD

Seth Hovland

PhD program in Statistics at the University of Arizona

Zhuo Chen

2017-2018 Graduates

Software Engineer at Delaget

1 graduate

Phd program at University of California Los Angeles

1 graduate

Data Analyst at Apple

1 graduate 

Distribution Sales Administrator at Asmodee

1 graduate 

Data Analyst at Cogo Labs

1 graduate 

Scientist at Charles River Analytics

1 graduate

PhD program at University of North Carolina 

1 graduate 

2016-2017 Graduates

Adjunct instructor at Dunwoody in Minneapolis

Joseph Kell

Working at Apple Inc. in Austin, Texas as a data analyst for their maps software

Matej Kroc

PhD program at Virginia Tech

Yujiong Liu

Signal processing systems engineer II for Raytheon missile systems in Tucson, AZ

Michael McKeown

PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Neng Wan

PhD program at Stevens Institute of Technology

Xiangpeng Wan

2015-2016 Graduates

PhD program in Statistics at Iowa State University

Xinyue Chang

Masters program in Computer Science at UMD

Vaclav Hasenohrl

PhD program in Statistics at the University of Alberta

Su Hwan Kim

PhD program in Biostatistics at the University of Arizona and working as a statistician for Unilever in Trumbull, CT

Amber Koslucher

2014-2015 Graduates

Reporter for Bloomberg News in New York

John Fahnenstiel

PhD program at University of Oregon

Ying Liu

PhD program in Mathematics at Utah State

Ian McGahan

Systems Engineer at Black River Systems Company

Evan Oman

Upper School Math Teacher at Ursuline Academy of Wilmington

Andrew Schneider

Ph.D program University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Inne Singgih

PhD Finance, University of Oregon

Yi Xiao

PhD in statistics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Walton Yin

Analyst, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Levi Pederson

2013-2014 Graduates

University of Deleware, PhD program in Financial Services in Analytics

1 graduate

University of Arizona, PhD program in Finance

Xiao Li

University of Miami, PhD program in Mathematics

Ondrej Zjevik

University of CA Riverside, PhD program in Statistics

Wenchuan Guo

Lexis Nexis, Software Programmer 2

1 graduate

University of Wisconsin Madison, PhD program in Computer Sciences

Zhaobin Kuang

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Michael Lillegard

Target Corporation, Marketing Data Analyst

Katie Borchert

UMD Institute of Research, Data Analyst

1 graduate

2012-2013 Graduates

Texas Tech University, PhD program in Finance

Xianwu Zhang

Statistical Programming, Amgen Inc

Fang Yuan

Quality Improvement Data Analyst, Essentia Health, Duluth

Marie Helbach

Financial Analyst I, ALLETE, Inc., Duluth

Lori Ann Schoenhard

IUPUI, PhD program in Biostatistics

1 graduate

University of MN TC, PhD program in Electrical Engineering

Xingguo Li

University of MN TC, PhD program in Statistics

1 graduate

University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Czech Republic; 2nd Masters in Mathematics

Jana Hurkova

Statistical Research Coordinator, University of Florida Children's Oncology Group

1 graduate