Bagley Nature Area and Classroom

Bagley Nature Area

The Bagley Nature Area and Classroom is a 50 acre natural area, deeded to UMD by the Bagley family for the purpose of education and outdoor recreation.

Areas include Rock Pond, which drains into the headwaters of Tischer Creek, a designated trout stream. Bagley hosts a wide variety of forests including old growth oak, maple, and white pine stands as well as areas of balsam fir-spruce and birch forests.

Classroom Space

Biology classes that regularly use the Bagley Nature Area include: Biology and Society, General Biology I and II, Ornithology, Entomology, Plant Diversity, Plant Taxonomy, Stream Ecology, Fisheries Ecology, and Coevolution.

Within the Bagley Nature Area is the Bagley Outdoor Classroom, a 1,400 square foot energy efficient (LLED Platinum Certified) field station.

Overlooking Rock Pond, the classroom provides lab benches and storage for lab equipment used to support field classes within Bagley. In 2010, the Department of Biology purchased compound microscopes, dissecting microscopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, wader, plankton nets, dip nets, and a collection of field guides to support our lab activities.