First Place Win for Rocketry Team

The Bulldog Rocketry team placed first in the 2015-2016 NASA Space Grant Midwest High Power Rocketry Competition. 

The team was graded on a combination of written reports, oral presentations, and competition flights. Out of the 5 graded categories, the team scored the highest in 4.

In addition to the graded categories, the Bulldog rocket was voted “best air-brake design”. Over 16 teams from across the country were in attendance and UMD proved that our engineering students could hold their own against Division 1 aerospace schools.

During the competition flight the rocket was able to reach the target altitude to within 45 meters which was the closest of any team. Although multiple attempts were allowed, UMD was able to achieve their target in just one attempt.

The 2017 competition is very similar and we are confident we can win again in 2017. Many students will be returning from this team and we hope to grow the team large enough to bring two rockets to the competition.

We are always seeking students from all backgrounds to be part of the team, so please contact the Bulldog Rocketry Club if you're interested.

Here's a video from the 2015 competition: