Hessam Mirgolbabaei

Professional Title
Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Tehran

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Fluids, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar

About Hessam

I have been teaching since 2006 upon my graduation from master’s program. The very first course that I taught was entitled “Leadership Principles”. Over the course of teaching that subject I learned how challenging while being fun the creation of a dynamic and positive learning environment can be. Since then, I have been learning over every single moment of my teaching experience. I strongly believe in an ability to create a friendly and happy environment for students, for the instructors themselves as well, as a prerequisite to an effective learning. I have lectured and instructed a wide range of courses and learned a lot from my students. I enjoy how differently a subject can be looked at by different learners in my classes.

I also enjoy conducting research in different fields and honing my understanding of different aspects of a wide variety of subjects. I have done extensive research on convection heat transfer, statistical analysis of mechanical engineering data, and exploration of basic heat transfer formulas and correlations.

Outside work, I enjoy travelling and spending quality times at different parts of the world.

Selected Publications:

R. Taghipour, M. Roodgar Nashta, M. Bozorgnasab, H. Mirgolbabaei, A new index for damage identification in beam structures based on model parameters, Archive of Mechanical Engineering, 2021.

H. Mirgolbabaei, Numerical investigation of vertical helically coiled tube heat exchangers thermal performance, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018, 136 (25), 252-259.

T. Echekki, H. Mirgolbabaei, Principal component transport in turbulent combustion: a posteriori analysis, Combustion and Flame, 2015, 162(5), 1919-1933.

H. Mirgolbabaei, T. Echekki, The reconstruction of thermo-chemical scalars in combustion from a reduced set of their principal components, Combustion and Flame, 2015, 162(5), 1650-1652.