Dr. Arshia Khan Ph.D.


Professional title

Associate Professor


Research Interests:

My research sits under the umbrella of biomedical and health informatics where wireless sensor based mobile assistive technology and robotics are used to enhance the delivery of care. In the recent months, my research interests have evolved into robotic assistive technology where we are using robotics to help patients recover after open heart surgery. In addition, we are also exploring the use of robots in identifying and predicting wandering behavior among individuals with dementia. I am fortunate to be able to contribute in the growth of the new and emerging field of medical and health informatics.

In the area of sensor based mobile technology my projects utilize sensors for tracking heart rate, blood pressure, body surface temperature, oxygen saturation, accelerometer, and pressure sensors to monitor and track various physiological conditions that play a role in prevention of pressure ulcers, tracking, monitoring and management of bipolar disorder, and detection of wandering in patients affected with dementia.