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Training workshops

Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty in Workshop

Training sessions provide practical tools for professional growth and development.

Training workshops

Mentor and mentee training has been shown to improve the effectiveness of mentoring programs. To that end, we have developed two types of training modules.

1.  Initial training: The goal of this session is to introduce participants to the structure of the program, describe the roles and responsibilities mentees and mentors, and cultivate ideas about how engage in the program most effectively.  Training is required of both mentors and mentees to be qualified to participate in the SCSE Mentoring Program. Mentors and Mentees will meet together initially and then divide into subgroups to discuss topics unique to their role.  

2.  Workshops: After the mentoring team is established, the team will attend two additional training workshops together in the first year and one additional training workshop per year thereafter.  These workshops will entertain special topics such as:

    • becoming a more effective communicator
    • how to achieve work-life balance
    • parenting and productivity
    • building a publishing pipeline
    • learning from your mistakes
    • micro-aggression, micro-resistance and ally development
    • how to build communities of inclusion, support, and accountability
    • addressing incivility in academic spaces
    • how to recognize the imposter syndrome and overcome it
    • valuing faculty work that promotes equity
    • how to plan a productive semester
    • recognizing the value of service
    • how to be an effective graduate and undergraduate academic advisor
    • identifying and combating unconscious bias
    • the productivity cost of sexual harassment