- October 2021 –      

October 7, 2021: Kathryn Hobart

Join us in ENGR 280 at 4:00PM for a discussion of "Microbial community composition influences pyrrhotite dissolution rates: Insights on the potential environmental impacts of Duluth Complex mining from paired mineral magnetic and genomics studies" with Kathryn Hobart, a doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus and an instructor for EES at UMD. A recording may be viewed here.

October 21, 2021: Christie Kearney

Join us in ENGR 280 at 4:00PM for a discussion with Christie Kearney from PolyMet for "PolyMet Mining’s Environmental Director: Education, Environment, and Green Energy Supply Chain." Christie earned a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and an M.S. in Civil Engineering. She has extensive experience as a practicing hydrologist and environmental engineer, including nearly a decade at Barr Engineering. From 2016 – present, Christie has served as Environmental Site Director for Polymet. She is passionate about STEM education and has graciously agreed to serve on the inaugural DEES External Advisory Board. A recording may be viewed here.

- September 2021 –

September 2, 2021: EES Welcome Gathering
Join us for snacks and conversation on the MWAH patio outside of the Greenhouse. All EES faculty, staff, and students are welcome.

September 9, 2021: UROP & Research Opportunities in EES
Join the faculty of EES as they share the opportunities for undergraduate research in LSci 185. Faculty will share what research projects they are currently working on and many are looking for assistance, for paid and for credit options. The UROP deadline is approaching in October.

September 23, 2021: Dr. Jay Austin
Join us for cookies & conversation about "What does it really mean for a lake to "turn over"? Radiatively driven convection in a deep lake" with Dr. Jay Austin in ENGR 280. A recording may be viewed here.