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Duluth trails map

Geospatial Analysis Center

Providing Expertise & Research Support

The Geospatial Analysis Center provides GIS support and expertise in classrooms and for research projects across campus. GAC services include: Project design, Identification of system and data needs, Data acquisition and analysis, Budget estimates, Workshops, Teaching/Research Support & Cartography. Our workshops and faculty consultations aim to expand the use of spatial analysis across all five of UMD's colleges and many different programs.

The new BulldogMobile App includes a section displaying indoor floor maps of buildings on campus. If you spot an inaccuracy, the Geospatial Analysis Center would appreciate you notifying us via this form so the error can be corrected.

Projects are obtained through competitive and non-competitive means and are funded through sponsored projects, external sales, and the GIS Student Support Fund, a University Foundation fund. Below are projects GAC has completed in collaboration with faculty, students, & public and private agencies.


Opioid Overdose Rates

Geospatial Data and the Opioid Epidemic

Utilizing Geospatial Mapping and Public Health Partnerships to Identify Opportunities for Pharmacist Engagement in the Opioid... more
Canal Park

Archiving Canal Park's Transformation in Time

Documenting the History of Canal Park through Story Maps
Colorful Map Topography

GIS Fest at UMD

The Geospatial Analysis Center at UMD will host GIS Fest on November 15th, 2018, from 1-5 pm in the Kirby Ballroom.
map screenshot

Mapping Emotions in the Twin Ports

Exploring the human experience in the local landscape
shipwreck map


Creating K-12 activities using interactive web maps

Hazus Flood Modeling

Modeling Flood Loss Potential in Minnesota

Calculating Your Roof's Solar Potential

Solar Energy Potential Map for the City of Duluth

Indoor Campus Maps

Creating a mobile mapping application for navigating UMD's campus
web app

Student Life Survey App

Studying where and why students like to be on campus

Assisting Agencies

UMD’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research and Geospatial Analysis Center create tools to assist agencies serving job seekers.