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Projects, undertaken in collaboration with faculty, students, public agencies and private agencies.

GAC Projects

Research in the Geospatial Analysis Center emphasizes regional sustainability applications, including land-use and transit planning, rural community sustainability, renewable resources, and foodshed assessment and analysis. The GAC provides GIS services and research to UMD departments, UMD administration, and external organizations. These projects are obtained through competitive and non-competitive means and are funded through sponsored projects, external sales, and the GIS Student Support Fund, a University Foundation fund.

We also have a development fund set up specifically to support our community grants program and to fund GIS students with work experience. For more information about the Geospatial Sciences Student Support Fund, please contact SCSE Development Director Carrie Sutherland at or (218) 726-6984 or click here.

These are some of the projects GAC has completed in collaboration with faculty, students, & public and private agencies.



Interdisciplinary Story Maps

Introducing ArcGIS Online and Story Mapping to Multi-Disciplinary Classes at UMD
duluth map

Mapping Duluth's Trails

Duluth Outdoor Recreation Map and Park Kiosk Maps
Spirit Mountain map

Archaeological Potential around Spirit Mountain

GIS of Culturally Significant Features, Spirit Mountain Area, Minnesota

Regional Agriculture Potential

Locally Adapted Food System Assessment: Western Lake Superior Region
Site map

Archaeological Mapping

Creating a topographic map of al-Lajjun, an ancient site in Jordan
Balzac Paris Map

Mapping French Literature

Mapping Balzac's Paris
Map snapshot

Demonstrating Sustainable Partnerships

Developing Interactive Mapping Tools for UMN Sustainable Regional Development Partnership
fire response

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning

5-Year Review and Update of 10 County Hazard Mitigation Plans