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Procedures and Approvals

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Using the Center

Requests for extended use (seasonal or beyond) of the UMD Research and Field Studies Center property should be submitted to the Swenson College of Science & Engineering Dean's Office (see contact box information). Requests will then be forwarded to the VCAA space management director.

Approval process

  1.  The VCAA space management director shares requests with advisory committee members for their review and feedback. Meetings are called as necessary to discuss requests and/or possible consequences.
  2.  All affected parties, and other parties identified as important to the decision, are contacted for feedback regarding requests.
  3.  Approval of use rests with the VCAA space management director based on the response of the Research and Field Studies Center Advisory Committee and concerned parties. Rationale for decisions is provided as necessary or requested.
  4.  Concerned parties can contact the VCAA to appeal any decision.