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Windmill Assembly
The Center provides land, facilities, and support to help students and faculty explore scientific processes and current environmental issues.

Supporting Important Research

Swenson College faculty and staff from across many disciplines have taken advantage of the Research & Field Studies Center to demonstrate field work techniques, gather data and further their research.

For example:

  • Students in Biology Professor Julie Etterson's classes have used the Center to better understand genetic and ecological factors that influence the rate of adaptive evolution in natural plant populations.
  • Biology Professor John Pastor has used the site to examine how wild rice population boom and bust cycles are influenced by the release of growth limiting nutrients from decaying litter.
  • Students with Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Alison Hoxie have been able to learn more about sustainable energy thanks to a unique windmill on site that generates power and produces trackable data.

These are just a few examples of how this site can provide unique, hands-on learning opportunities for UMD students and faculty.