NRRI 2016 Annual Report is Now Available

November 28, 2016

NRRI publishes its first annual report for fiscal year 2016.

NRRI is a strategic, mission-driven, applied research organization focused on delivering solutions that drive economic prosperity, environmental stability, and resilient communities. 

When NRRI was founded in 1983 it was given a unique and challenging charter with the mission of promoting private sector employment by fostering the sustainable economic development of Minnesota's natural resources. Our mission has evolved to address today's challenges and recognize the complex interdependence of resilient communities, a balanced economy and the environment.

Among national institutes, NRRI is the leader in the sustainable economic development of natural resources. NRRI's extensive capabilities, facilities, relationships and collaborations provide a unique and effective research platform. NRRI receives funding from a diverse range of sources, including direct state support, federal and state grants and contracts, industrial service contracts, and local business support.

The institute operates with a budget of about $16 million supporting approximately 130 staff. Of that, the work of the researchers, scientists and engineers is largely funded with competitive grants and contracts ($9.7 million) and about 12 percent funded by the University. For details about our funding and research for fiscal year 2016  (July 2015 - June 2016), view the annual report onlineAvailable in print by request.