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Faculty Advising Resources

Advising Hold Release (login required)

  • SCSE APAS Amendment Request (form available in Swenson College Advising and Academic Services office, Engineering Building 140)

  • SCSE Major/Minor (Declare/Add/ or Drop) online form.  Paper form in Swenson College Advising office, Engr. Bldg. 140

  • Declaring additional major or minor from another UMD college (CEHSP, CLA, LSBE, SFA)
  • Registration Planning Worksheet (form available in Engr. Building 140))

Administrative Resources for Faculty and Staff

2016-17 Annual Faculty Letter

Appendix 1.7 for the FIR- completed by department secretary and submitted with (FIR)
(Faculty Information Record (FIR) is available via "The Works" and should be completed and submitted to the Dean's office by Feb. 15th)

Blue Tally Sheet (pdf)- completed and submitted with (FIR)

Form 25: Appraisals of Probationary Faculty- evaluation of tenure-track faculty done once every year

Probationary Faculty Appraisals Process - How to produce an Annual Activity Report/FIR (Faculty Information Record) in Works for probationary faculty

Promotion and/or Tenure Consideration Form (pdf)- required of probationary faculty & recommended for any tenured faculty who is not a full professor. Due to the Dean's Office by Sept. 30th of each year.

Teaching Evaluation Agreement (pdf)-To be completed annually by all faculty members. Due to the Dean’s Office by Sept. 15th. The form must be amended whenever teaching assignments change.