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UROP Final Report Info

Who Needs This Information?

Students who have completed or are nearing completion of their UROP projects.


Submission of a final report is a condition of your UROP award. Information you provide is helpful to continue to improve the program. Preparing this report also benefits you in assessing the outcomes of your apprenticeship.

What to Submit:

1. An evaluation of your experience with the program (download the evaluation form). Anything you submit on this form will be kept confidential.

2. A 2-3 page typed narrative report on your project. Your narrative report should include all of the following sections:

  • a brief summary of your project and the results
  • a discussion of how effectively you accomplished your educational objectives
  • an evaluation or reflective statement on your UROP experience

3. UROP Verification of Presentation Form (pdf)

4. If you do not give a presentation at a seminar, or a poster session, you can submit a final paper and/or poster to and the paper will be deposited into our UMD d-commons. These are published in a series of UMD student journals. This paper is expected to be longer and more descriptive than the narrative report in #2. You must still submit the Verification of Presentation Form filled out with the d-commons information.

5. Verification of Completion Form (pdf) signed by your mentor

SCSE UROP Coordinator

Brian Hinderliter, Associate Dean
140 Engineering Bldg
(218) 726-8707 

Tips for Participants

Write your summary with the general audience of faculty and students in mind who may not be familiar with your particular field. You may include other materials in addition to your report (for example a published paper or final report written in conjunction with your faculty sponsor or other researchers), but these should not take the place of your summary.

We may want to quote excerpts from your final report to share with others as part of publicity for the program. If you prefer that your name not be used, please let us know.

Please complete the evaluation and your final report as soon as possible after completing your project. Because these are essential components of your award, failure to file the narrative report and evaluation form jeopardizes any future applications you submit for UROP funding.

How to Submit:

Please submit the completed forms via email to Kelly Johnson at and Associate Dean Brian Hinderliter at