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Volunteers Making Ice Cream
Be a part of the community by mentoring the scientists and engineers of the future.

Outreach Volunteers

Student, community and alumni volunteers are actively engaged in carrying out Swenson College's mission. Volunteers engage and educate young students eager to learn about science and engineering fields.

We're always looking for individuals interested in volunteering. Activities range from presentations, administering activities or demonstrations, assisting with tours or events, serving as a science fair judge and/or acting as a peer mentor for young students. There are opportunities to volunteer for as little as a one hour session or as often as once a week. Opportunities to help are also available for several of our one-day events such as Science and Engineering Day or Astronomy Day.

The outreach program is pleased to offer the following incentives to students and student organizations and associations that perform volunteer opportunities. 

  • NEW! Monetary compensation for student clubs based on the number of hours participating in outreach activities
  • Free UMD outreach volunteer T-shirt (to be worn at outreach activities)
  • Free gas cards to cover personal travel to and from local schools
  • Food and beverage provided at formal outreach events (such as Science and Engineering Day)
  • Free Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon held in the spring
  • Awards at spring luncheon given based on number of volunteer hours
  • Resume/CV guidance from Faculty or Staff for describing personal outreach activities
  • Personal letters of recommendation or support from local teachers in program for your professional file

Please become one of our volunteers today by registering your interest online. We'll simply collect your contact information and will be in touch regarding your scheduled sessions. Think of the resume building possibilities!

Currently, we're looking for help with the following events and programs.  Click on the links below to be taken to the volunteer registration page for each activity or event.

Myers-Wilkins (After School Program 2:30 to 4:00 PM twice a month)

Piedmont (During School Program 1 time a month 2-4 hour shifts available)

Laura MacArthur (After School Club 2:30 to 4:00 PM, twice a month)

  • KeyZone and Eagle's Nest (After School Program twice a month)

Lowell Elementary School (4:15-5:00 PM)

Raleigh Edison School (3:45-5:00 PM)

  • Middle School STEM Outreach (Lincoln Park and Ordean East)

  • High School STEM Flash Lessons (Denfeld and East) Email scseK12@d.umn.edu to choose your date and lesson topic

  • Math Counts: February 8, 8AM to 2 PM (2-hour shifts for Judging and scoring)

  • Science and Engineering Night: February 18, 3:15 PM to 7:15 PM (2-hour shifts available) Host a hands-on activity table for the general public 

Men's and Women's Basketball Games at Romano Gym

Clyde Iron Works

Host a hands-on activity table for adults on the topic of food, eating or cooking. (Volunteers or guests do not need to be 21 to attend or participate.)

So, if you're interested, just click on the links above to sign up with our online volunteer registration forms and we'll contact you with all the details and training you might need.