UMD CS Wins Big at MinneWIC 2017

ACM's Women in Computing
February 22, 2017

On February 17 - 18, Professor Arshia Khan and a mix of 8 female graduate and undergraduate computer science students attended the MinneWIC 2017

MinneWIC is the ACM-W Celebration of Women in Computing for the Upper MidWest. Of our 8 student attendees, six presented posters. Our students also brought home three of the five prizes awarded (certificate plus $100 per award)! Please join us in congratulating our team!


Xue Gao - WINNER: MinneWIC 2017 Graduate Student Poster Honorable Prize
Title: "Effective User Interface With HoloLens For Group Decision Making"
Advisor: Pete Willemsen

Xinru Yan
Title:  "#HashtagWars : Learning a Sense of Humor Language Models in Humor Detection".
Advisor: Ted Pedersen

Rushmeet Bahra  
Title: "Monitoring Bipolar Disorder using Heart Rate, Sleep Pattern and Mood Changes".
Advisor: Arshia Khan


Janna Madden - WINNER: MinneWIC 2017 Best Undergraduate Poster Prize 
Title: "Telemedicine adaption in rural hospitals and the national impact of telemedicine in rural care delivery".

Kun Li - WINNER: MinneWIC 2017 Undergraduate Student Poster Honorable Prize 
Title: "Mobile autism application: informing care decisions and aiding children with autism in understanding emotions".

Yichen Wei
Title: "Musicology: Aiding Recall of Deeply Embedded Memory"

ALSO: We are pleased to announce that UMD Computer Science will be hosting the next MinneWIC in two years!

MinneWIC brings together students, faculty, and computing professionals from across Minnesota and neighboring states to share experiences and strategies for recruiting and retaining women in computing fields, and explore issues common to women working in these fields.

Specifically, the goal is to provide an opportunity for young women to explore career opportunities in computing, and to network with women from academia, industry and government. This celebration is part of a nationwide effort to address the alarming decline of women choosing computer science professions.