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GAC Graduates

GAC graduates excel in the GIS industry

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Morgan Larson

Year graduated: 2018
Morgan graduated with a Geography major. This fall she will be attending graduate school at St. Mary's University in Winona, MN, to study GIS.

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Siona Roberts

Year graduated: 2018
Siona graduated with a degree in Geographic Information Science. She will be working as a GIS Technician for Carlton County.

Alex Nelson

Alex Nelson

Year graduated: 2017
In December 2017, GAC Student GIS Technician Alex Nelson graduated with a degree in Urban & Regional Studies. Alex worked on a variety of projects at GAC, and was a recipient of the undergraduate student scholarship at the 2017 MN GIS/LIS Consortium’s annual conference, winning first place in the state and an $800 scholarship. This fall Alex will be attending graduate school for urban planning in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Gerrit VanderWaal

Year graduated: 2016
Gerrit graduated with a Geological Sciences major with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. He enjoys hiking, cooking, and finding new music.

Amanda Huber

Amanda Huber

Year graduated: 2016
Current Position: GIS Technician, Three Rivers Park District
Amanda graduated with a BS in Geology, a Certificate Degree in GIS, and a Minor in Communications. In her free time, she greatly enjoys the outdoors, whether that be camping, fishing, hiking, or playing ultimate frisbee at a club level. Upon graduating, she worked as an Intern for the City of Brooklyn Park and as a GIS Technician for the City of Maple Grove.

"Working at the Geospatial Analysis Center was a huge jump start to my career in GIS. It prepared me for what 'real-world' GIS is like, outside of the classroom. At the GAC, I had the opportunity to work with professors in different departments on their research projects and develop real world GIS solutions. It was an excellent experience and I learned so incredibly much. I highly recommend the GAC to any GIS students who want to prepare themselves for a career out of college."


Kyle Seifert

Year graduated: 2016
Kyle was GIS and Urban and Regional Studies major at UMD. He loves Duluth, and particularly enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and hunting all around the north shore. Since his youth, he's always found history and the social sciences to be the most fascinating parts of his education, but also gained skills in drafting, design and computer programming, the parallels of which are found between both his majors. Kyle has worked for organizations like the City of Eden Prairie’s GIS Department and now the GAC, where he has spent two semesters.


Britta Hardel

Year graduated: 2016
"Working in the Geospatial Analysis Center has been a great way to experience a wide variety of real-world applications for the skills I have learned through UMD courses. I have assisted with cartographic work for Duluth's Outdoor Recreation map, digitized building footprints for Duluth's Solar Map Project, and created maps for Professor Jennifer Jones from the data she collected at al-Lajjun, an ancient site in the country of Jordan. My favorite project has been creating maps for YMCA Camp Miller because I was able to experience the project from the ground-up and can see my personal cartographic style in the final product. This summer I will be leading a Youth Conservation Crew with the Southeast Conservation Corps and I hope to continue learning everything that I can about the many applications of GIS."


Dan Cahoun 

Year graduated: 2016
"I liked working at the GAC because it allowed me to work on some GIS projects that will actually be used outside of the university. It's one thing to work on GIS assignments in class, but it's another thing to see your map in use. One example is the brochure map that I made for the UMD LandLab. As of right now I am in the post-graduation job hunt. I am currently looking at several GIS Analyst positions in the government and private sectors. I feel that my experience at the GAC has helped to prepare me for my future GIS career."


Paul Hood

Year graduated: 2007 
Current position: Regional Manager and Data Specialist, Great Basin Institute (GBI)
"I've worked several jobs that were a direct result of my GIS experience gained through UMD: wildlife biology nonprofit mapping Mongolian Gobi Bear home ranges, independent contractor as a GIS Analyst for Teton County, managing a database of wildlife data collected by a citizen science project, Graduate Assistant and Research Scientist at the University of Wyoming, and a Data Specialist managing and analyzing data collected for a public lands monitoring program."


Stephanie Gibeau

Year graduated: 2013
Current Position: GIS Specialist, St. Louis County, MN Public Works Department

Stephanie graduated with a BA in GIS, and minors in Geography and Photography. Outside of her GIS work, she enjoys fishing, camping, traveling, photography, and hiking with her dog, Kiira. Since graduating from UMD, she has worked for both the public and private sectors in Northern Minnesota doing all things GIS.

"I really enjoyed working at the Geospatial Analysis Center because it gave me the opportunity to experience real-world GIS projects. I not only was able to work with clients and attend community meetings, but I was also able to participate in field work and learn firsthand just what a career in GIS could entail. The experiences I had with the GAC really sparked my interests in GIS and helped prepare me for my GIS careers right out of school. I would highly encourage GIS students to seize any opportunities they can with the GAC as it's a great place of work to not only gain experience, but also to prepare for future GIS careers."

Andy King-Scribbins

Andy King-Scribbins, GISP

Year graduated: 2007
Current position: Community Connectivity Manager, Hennepin County Information Technology
"Working in the Geospatial Analysis Center was the first job I ever had in the GIS profession and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to prepare me for future jobs. I learned more than just the basics and saw firsthand how GIS could be applied to a wide variety of scenarios. I’ve worked for an atlas publisher, a GIS consulting company, an international map and data provider, and I’ve held several positions within various government departments. I currently work in the IT department at Hennepin County where I manage the County’s fiber optic network."

Charlie Moore

Year graduated: 2014
Current position: Sr. GIS Specialist at the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission

Sam Giebner

Year graduated: 2014
Current position: GIS Analyst at North Point Geographic Solutions