Mentee Role & Responsibilities


  • Actively engage in the SCSE mentoring program


  • Attend a mentee training session during your first year of participation in the program (Schedule)
  • Confirm or reconfirm mentoring team members annually with Department Head (Form)
  • Attend two training workshops with your mentoring team during the first year and one per year thereafter (Schedule)
  • Take initiative to set up meetings with your mentoring team, either individually or in a group, at least three times per year to discuss:

    • Annual goals (Form)

    • Faculty Information Record (FIR) in Works (link)

    • Goal evaluation and discussion of feedback (e.g. Form 25, Peer Evaluation of Teaching, advice from Department Head, Dean or other formal or informal mentors)

Take ownership of your mentoring experience by following the below guidelines associated with positive mentoring experiences:


  • Accept responsibility for developing career plans and goals
  • Prepare for mentoring meetings
  • Take initiative when advice is needed


  • Seriously consider the guidance you receive
  • Recognize that your mentor has valuable professional and institutional experience
  • Be open to new ideas and approaches

Being Realistic

  • Realize that mentoring is only one development tool
  • Seek additional input from other colleagues and peers
  • Develop a personal development strategy (mentor map)
  • Recognize that mentoring relationships take time to develop


  • Contribute to the relationship by sharing ideas
  • Accept constructive feedback
  • Be self-reflective so that mentoring needs and objectives are clearly articulated
  • Be honest with yourself and your mentor